HALCON Student Version

Compared to the full version of HALCON, the following restrictions
apply to the HALCON student version that comes with the book:

  • The software license of the student version is valid for two years from generation. After registering the book online at www.machine-vision-book.com, the licence can easily be retrieved from this website.

  • It is not possible to work with directly connected frame grabbers or cameras. Instead, images may only be read from file.

  • The student version does not support any "writing" operators, i.e., for saving model data, image data, or socket access. Of course, it is possible to save changed HDevelop programs normally.

  • HALCON "spy" cannot be used. However, this will only concern very experienced HALCON users.

  • HALCON cannot be used in form of a library within programming languages, but exclusively within the interactive programming environment HDevelop. On opening HDevelop and from time to time later on, a "student version" reminder window pops up.